Chris Sainty: Windows Phone 7–Asynchronous Programming

One thing that will strike you quickly if you go to make an app that communicates over the internet is that everything has to be done asynchronously. While this is bound to annoy at first, it is actually a good design decision by the development team because it forces the developer to keep the UI responsive. Sadly there is at least one instance where they broke their own rules but we will get to that another time, I will just say watch out for the Image control.

My preferred way of handling asynchronous programing is with a callback structure that uses delegates/lambdas. You could also use events but I find most of the memory leaks I create in applications are to do with events and not releasing subscriptions. Luckily for us we now have lambdas that make callbacks a piece of cake to write, you just need to watch out for a few gotchas. If you prefer delegates to lambdas, then the second point here will not apply to you, but the first will still catch the very novice.


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