SharePoint 2013: How to get user owner of a mysite personal site

Recently we stumbled upon a task to set some properties of a personal mysite site collection of a user – we wanted to get precisly the user (owner) whose the site collection is, not the user who is browsing the sitecollection (current user) nor the user who is running a script. We found two ways of doing this.

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SPBG – SharePoint 2013/Online Branding Guide

In this guide I will try to share my experience in branding projects in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online. Basicly I would like to show You, how to start a branding project for the newest versions of Microsoft collaboration  platform. This series will apear every week (or try they will) starting from 12.02.2014.


  1. Where to start? Knowledge, possiblities and DON’Ts.
  2. Project scope. Branding Publishing and teamsites. System masterpage problems…
  3. Design Manager. The new concept of branding.
  4. Everything has a Content Type.
  5. Composed Looks. The client chooses the colors
  6. Creating solution package – sandbox/server when/difference why what
  7. Features and event receivers.
  8. Modules – put files where they belong.
  9. Elements file – proper configuration for project files.
  10. Masterpages. HTML vs master when why how/difference
  11. Masterpages. DOs and DON’Ts.
  12. Layout pages – to lay out content on your site.
  13. Javascript/CSS/Images – the content to make your site alive.
  14. XSL styling. When the standard webpart is not enough.
  15. The tricky part – site collections and relative paths.
  16. Composed Looks Implementation. The client chooses the look.
  17. Deploying the solution, activation, troubleshooting.