This tutorial walks you through creating an ASP.NET report based on the Northwind sample database. It shows how to add a client report definition file (RDLC), create a dataset for the RDLC, define queries using LINQ to Entities, design the report and add a ReportViewer web control to render the report in a ASP.NET web page. The report will have a chart control. The result can be filtered by two drop downs at the top.. At the end of the walkthrough, you should have a UI like the following. As shown, there is a product list report with an embedded chart. The chart shows the sum of Unit price for a given category. It is possible to filter the results by Category and Supplier. The drop downs auto post back when the selection is changed. This demo uses Visual Studio 2010 RTM.

za pomocą Creating an ASP.NET report using Visual Studio 2010 .

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